Friday, 25 November 2011

Out Of Order at The Intimate

Just when you thought the offerings of the independent Cape Town Theatre scene couldn't get any better there are two young theatre companies who are out there to prove you wrong.

The Pink Couch, in association with The Space Behind the Couch brings you the most exciting collaboration since jam and peanut butter on toast.

Over the past few years The Pink Couch has established itself firmly as a young South African theatre company that is dedicated to producing work that appeals to the young, hip and happening generation that is usually overlooked, especially in artistic circles. At the same time The Space Behind The Couch has increasingly made important inroads into establishing itself as an exciting new young visual theatre creative. The Space Behind the Couch was the first recipient of the inaugural Handspring Award for best debut at The Out The Box festival in 2010. At 2011's Out The Box festival The Space Behind the Couch presented Madame Touxflouwe to remarkable critical and general success which only cemented their reputation as an incredibly talented and innovative company.
Now these two amazing companies offer you the chance to witness what happens when they meet to create work that is a melting pot of utter amazingness. It was only a matter of time until it happened and hopefully it wont be the last, but rest assured, you can be guaranteed a truly unique experience whenever a poster bares the heading; A Space Behind The Pink Couch Production.
We invite you to come and join us at The Intimate Theatre on UCT's Hiddingh campus on Orange Street from 25 November at 20h00, Tuesday to Saturday, for an experience that is quite literally, not of this world.  

Here's a brief summary of what Out of Order is about:

Everyone else has retreated... the enemy army is approaching... the end is near...but two soldiers, trapped in an old hospital in the middle of the Karoo are too tired to run... and long past fighting... One refuses to take off a wedding dress, the other is missing half his brain and all of his memories... It has been a long and crazy war, full of secret weapons, spies, flying machines, assassination attempts, daring escapes in drag, Russian roulette, explosions, squabbles and koeksisters... Out of Order is their story... This is the end of the Boer war... just maybe not the one that you know about...
Out of Order takes stories from the Boer war and meshes them with steam-punk, quirky comedy and comic books to create some of the most unbelievable war stories you have ever heard... it is visual theatre comedy that blends performance with graphic novel to create a whole new mythology of the Boer War and brings something epically ridiculous and ridiculously epic to the stage.

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