Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Marico magic

During the weekend Mafeking Road toured to the Groot Marico to attend the Bosman literary festival. It was a coming together of Herman Charles Bosman fans from all over the coutnry with Mafeking Road featuring as the main performance on Saturday night. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever to be able to visit the place where all of his most beloved stories come from and to meet people who are as fanatical about his work as we are.
It was an amazing 36hours of great food, excellent music courtesy of Meri Kenaz, Ben Badenhorst, Martin Wolfhardt and Derek Gripper, and wonderful people not to mention the mampoer!!!
Plus we got to laugh at Andrew's monumental hangover on Sunday morning. If you've never been into this very special part of South Africa we highly suggest you check it out. The festival runs annually and is a very special place to be.
Look out for photos and videos to follow soon.

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